Luis E Sarabia
Creator and Founder of Fluidity 360
Born in Havana, Cuba in 1968
Gymnast, Professional Acrobat, Personal Trainer and Movement Expert with a degree in Sports Science and Physical Education, with over 35 years of practical experience in the field of fitness and physical performance.

Self-discovering through movements and mindfulness

“Listen With Your Soul, Respond With Your Body”
A Life Changing Mobility Training System

What is FLUIDITY 360?

Fluidity 360 is a blend of Yoga, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Dance, Fitness and Martial Arts. It’s a Mobility Training System that engages your mind, body and soul with functional movement sequences with emphasis on mobility and awareness.  As a result, it helps to develop strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, creativity, aerobic capacity and mindfulness, to mention just a few, but the main purpose is to help people achieve and sustain Mind, Body and Soul balance through movements.

Who is it for?

Fluidity 360 Mobility Training System can be practiced by practically everyone, from a housewife to a child, a professional physical performer (artist) or even a top athlete. Basically, there is a level for anyone who wishes to engage in this beautiful and highly effective art of moving with grace and awareness.

What are the benefits of Fluidity 360?

The mental, physical and spiritual benefits of Fluidity 360 are too many to mention, but here are a few.

1. Improves Athletic Performance
2. Improves Overall Quality of Life
3. Increase Muscle Strength and Tone
4. Boost Immune System
5. Aids Loos of Weight and Excess Fat
6. Increase Flexibility
7. Increase Mobility
8. Increase Concentration
9. Increase Coordination
10. Improve Balance
11. Improve Body Alignment and Posture
12. Improves your psychological/mental well-being.
13. Reduce the risk of memory loss, anxiety, depression, heart diseases, obesity, back pain, hypertension etc…

A brief sample of how it works.

The Fluidity 360 sequences are performed at different tempos, adding complexity and intensity to every sequence helping you to develop Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Alignment, Body Awareness, Balance, Coordination, and Concentration.

In each level, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced you are given a number or exercises that could range from Three to Six or more movements. The sequence is presented to you in a set order that you will perform until learned and execute in a safe manner, at that point you will be encouraged to break the order of the set routine and form your own sequence, playing around with the order and tempo of the movements until all possible combinations had been exploited. Then when instructed by your coach you will move on to a more advanced level.


Some samples of Fluidity 360 Movements at different levels

Sample # 1 (Beginners, Int, Advanced)


Sample # 2 (Intermediate)

Sample # 3 (Mix to Advance)

Sample # 4 (Advanced)

Feel free to contact  Claudia Wolf: contact@luisarabia.com) Is you are interested in hosting a workshop at your venue or need any further information.

Yours sincerely

Luis E Sarabia

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